Warehouse, Puerto Rico Solar Case Study

“We were working so fast and efficiently that our client asked us to teach another crew on an adjacent project about S-5! clamps and how to use them.” -Ben Quartermaine, WES Industries

Finding a Way

High electric rates force business owners in Puerto Rico to constantly seek new ways to contain energy costs. However, Puerto Rico’s hurricane force winds and moisture levels present challenges for the installation of solar panel arrays. Florida-based WES Industries was able to help Mini Warehouse of Carolina, Puerto Rico successfully move ahead in its efforts to save on energy costs. With the help of attachment solutions developed by S-5!, the contractor was able to effectively retrofit an existing metal storage facility with a 130 kilowatt weapon in the battle against high electricity costs.

What Worked?

S-5-PVKITs provided the strength the project demanded and the ease-of-installation WES Industries required. The technical information found at www.S-5.com and the exceptional cost-savings of the system made the entire system viable. The installation was so quick and easy that a competing contractor on an adjacent project was prompted to inquire about S-5!  The S-5-PVKIT provided a superior ease-of-use that streamlined installation and provided the necessary strength that would last the life of the roof. What’s more, the installation kits came in at just 25% of the cost of installing a racking system!  The S-5-PVKIT utilizes a clamp that grips the seam of the roof without piercing it. That means no leaks, preserves the manufacturer’s warranty, yet can provide the required wind uplift resistance resulting from 145 mph wind speeds.

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