Lonza Biologics, Singapore Solar Case Study

“… the technical challenges and safety concerns were met with enthusiasm and resolve… an excellent effort!” -Stephen Keane, Lonza Project Manager

Finding a Way

Leading Swiss pharmaceuticals manufacturer Lonza Biologics (Lonza) pioneered the installation of solar PV for industrial buildings in Singapore, soliciting the help of S-5!® distributor, Singapore-based Phoenix Solar to design and install Singapore’s largest solar PV system as of June 2009.

Lonza’s Admin Office & Lab roof provided prominent visibility as well as good exposure to the sun. However, the variable slope posed several design and safety challenges. Phoenix Solar’s solution was to install a combination of high quality framed and frameless multi-crystalline modules using S-5! penetration-free clamps.

What Worked?

In choosing this roof for PV modules there were several key criteria to satisfy. The PV modules had to seamlessly follow the profile of the existing roof and roof penetrations had to be eliminated to prevent potential leakage. Phoenix Solar chose to use the S-5-K clamp, specially designed and engineered for Klip-Lok® roofs, the most popular metal roof formats for industrial buildings in Singapore.

The S-5-K clamps attach to the standing seam of the metal roof without piercing the panel, and therefore do not compromise water tightness. The S-5-K clamps were also used for fall protection, enabling the securing of permanent base plates and sockets for the fall protection barrier.

Long-Term Outlook

The result was an aesthetically pleasing solution that seamlessly follows the sloping roof’s profile while improving water run-off. The collaborative effort of the project team resulted in a highly visible solution that showcases innovative application of technical, construction and attachment techniques. S-5! distributor, Phoenix Solar, was recognized with Solar Pioneer Awards at a ceremony hosted by Singapore’s Economic Development Board (EDB). S-5! was grateful to have been a part of this innovative success.

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