S-5!® Industry Involvement and Participation

As the leading global provider of metal roof attachment solutions, S-5! is committed to supporting the growth and vitality of the metal roof industry. Many of our employees are involved in a wide range of professional associations and organizations, dedicating their time through active membership, serving on boards and committees, leading research initiatives, and authoring reports and studies.

American Society of Civil Engineers (ASCE)

American Society of Heating, Refrigeration and Air Conditioning Engineers (ASHRAE)

American Society of Tests and Materials (ASTM)

Rob Haddock: Committee E06 (1989-Present)
Carl G. Cash Award (distinguished research contributions, outstanding publications, dedication and leadership to advancing building envelope technology and particularly the performance of metal roofing systems) Committee D08 on Roofing and Waterproofing (2015)
Eight Symposium Presentation Excellence Award Best Paper/Presentation (based on technical content and clarity of presentation; applicability to standards development) ASTM Committee D08 on Roofing and Waterproofing (2015)

Center for Advancement of Roofing Excellence (CARE / GAF)

Dustin Haddock: Chairman, S-5! Developed the 2013 PV Racking Criteria Report

Center for Environmental Innovation in Roofing

S-5! Member: Center PV Taskforce

Construction Specifications Institute (CSI)

Intertek (ETL) Dustin Haddock: Setting Up S-5! Testing Facility

Metal Building Contractors & Erectors Association (MBCEA)

Rob Haddock: Individual Life Member (1977-Present)
Executive Committee, Erector Division (1979-87)
Chairman, Education & Manpower Training (1984-87)
Chairman Erector Division (1985-86)
National Board of Directors (1985-87)

Metal Building Manufacturers’ Association (MBMA) 2010-Present

Dustin Haddock: Chairman of the UL Non-Combustible Roof Group (also leading fire study)
Rob Haddock: Technical Committee

Metal Construction Association (MCA)

S-5!: Started the Triumph Awards Authoring Standard on Snow Retention Devices Accessory Counsel—PV and Snow Retention
Rob Haddock: Lifetime Honorary Executive Member (1986-Present) Leader, 60-Years Service Life Study Author, Cold Climate Book Larry Swaney Award (for unselfish contributions toward the furtherance of the metal construction industry) (2015)
Shawn Haddock: Assembly Committee
Dustin Haddock and Rob Haddock: Technical Committee

National Building Consent Authority (NBCA)

National Roofing Contractors Association (NRCA)

RCI (International Association of Building Envelope Consultants)

Roofing Industry Educational Institute (RIEI)

Rob Haddock: Faculty Member and Curriculum Author (1984-02)

Solar Energy Industries Association (SEIA)

Dustin Haddock: Chairman, Mounting Systems Manufacturers Committee
S-5!: Founded Solar Racking Summit and Trains Instructors on Solar Mounting (SOMA)

Specialty Tools & Fasteners Distribution Association (STAFDA)

The Metal Initiative (TMI) 2005-Present

Underwriters Laboratory (UL)

Dustin Haddock: Member, UL 2703 Panel (Standard for Mounting Systems, Mounting Devices, Clamping/Retention Devices, and Ground Lugs for Use with Flat-Plate Photovoltaic Modules and Panels) Member, UL 1703 Panel (Standard for Flat-Plate Photovoltaic Modules and Panels)

Structural Engineers Association of Colorado (SEAC)

S-5!: Helping to Create Best Practices Documents

State and Regional Associations

Carolina Roofing Association
Colorado Roofing Association
Michigan Roofing Association
Midwest Roofing Association
Ohio Roofing Association