Why S-5!® Clamps

Attach almost anything to standing seam metal roofs without piercing the panel!

  • No panel penetration
  • S-5! does not violate panels’ thermal movement
  • Unequaled holding strength
  • No premature corrosion
  • S-5! attachment does not violate roof system warranties
  • Recommended by all leading metal building and metal panel manufacturers

S-5! clamps are available for virtually any panel profile on the market—architectural and metal building panels. S-5! clamp technology involves gripping the seam in such a way that there is no penetration to the panel material. We utilize , round-point setscrews for attachments that are specially made only for the S-5! system. S-5! never uses “cup-point” screws like all the copycats do. Such a screw point cuts through the paint and protective coating of standing seam panels, causing corrosion and voiding warranties.

We have done 1,000 hour ASTM B-117 Salt Fog testing of our attachment, to be sure that it causes NO CORROSION on painted Galvalume® or galvanized panels. All related S-5! hardware is noncorrosive 300 series stainless, not plated steel. The tenacity of the S-5! method of attachment is thoroughly tested and unequaled by other products.

Holding strength of S-5! varies on different seam profiles, material types and gauges—and we have tested our products on all those different panel seams, doing hundreds of independent laboratory pull tests.

What does all this prove?

It proves the holding strength of the S-5! clamp is absolutely unsurpassed. Ultimate load-to-failure of S-5! averages over 1,800 pounds—with values in some cases over 4,000 pounds! This kind of strength is up to ten times stronger than alternative products.

See the full lineup of S-5! clamps.

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