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For almost three decades S-5!® and its related companies have been committed to designing, testing and ethically marketing innovative, engineered products and systems for use in the metal roofing industry.

During that time, we have been awarded more than 50 U.S. and foreign patents for our many innovations. As is the case in so many industries, as a market leader, our products are often imitated, and sometimes duplicated. When an imitation crosses the line of copying patented I.P., we have and will protect our investments in innovation. As you may know, such a situation recently arose and we were compelled to sue PMC Industries, Inc. (“PMC” dba Ace Clamp) for willful infringement of US Patent No. 6,470,629 by unauthorized and continuing sale of the ColorSnap™ Snow Retention System. Recently, the Colorado Federal District Court reviewing the case issued a key decision, which we believe will allow us to now shortly seek issuance of a permanent injunction precluding further sale of the ColorSnap™ System in the United States.

In prosecuting the above-mentioned suit, it also came to light that PMC has been, in our opinion, marketing its products deceptively and competing in our industry unfairly. As a market leader in our field, we felt duty-bound to call PMC on these activities and have thus very recently brought a second complaint against PMC in the Colorado Federal District Court. If you are interested in the details of this action, they can be learned through review of the publicly filed action, which can be accessed through the following link: READ DETAILS

It is a shame that such actions are necessary in today’s world of commerce, but we will continue to defend our I.P. by legal means when left little other choice.


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