S-5!® Widens Global Expansion

COLORADO SPRINGS, CO: 30dps—Based in Colorado Springs, Colorado, S-5!® is rapidly acquiring distributors across the globe. Besides recent additions in Germany, Canada, Sweden, and Switzerland, S-5!® new distributors are now available in Luxembourg (FallProtec), Belgium (Stainless Building Consultancy, New Technelec), and the United Kingdom (Roofix). S-5!® produces utility clamps that attach to standing seam metal roofs with zero penetration of the roof. The current lineup of products includes S-5!® clamps and brackets, S-5-PV kits for solar panel attachment, and snow retention devices that include ColorGard®, a paint technology providing perfect color matching. S-5!® has a long history of inventing and producing zero-penetration clamps for metal roofs. Haddock, with 35 years as a roofing professional, was frustrated by products that were difficult to install or performed poorly over time, so he designed the S-5!® lineup of clamps. For additional information about S-5!® products, go to www.S-5.com.