Metal Roofing Products & Solutions

S-5!’s versatile line of aluminum and brass attachment products fit the majority of today’s standing seam and exposed-fastened metal roof profiles, including most structural and architectural profiles. Our clamps and brackets have been extensively laboratory tested on a variety of seam types, profiles and materials to determine ultimate tensile failure loads. The versatility, simple design, strength and ample size make the S-5! clamps perfect for snow retention solutions, solar solutions and utility solutions. S-5! Mini clamps are ideal for solar solutions and other common applications.

Snow Retention Solutions

S-5!’s snow retention systems dramatically reduce the risks associated with metal rooftop avalanches. Our popular ColorGard® system maintains unsurpassed holding strength and a lower installed cost than any other engineered system on the market. And unlike other snow retention systems, ColorGard utilizes a strip of the actual roof material to ensure perfect color match for the life of the roof.

Solar Solutions

S-5! provides the easiest, most cost-effective way to install solar panels directly to standing seam metal roofs. Our S-5-PVKIT boasts an important breakthrough in PV mounting technology. It is one of the first solar module mounting solutions in the industry to be listed to the new UL Subject 2703, a standard that covers both bonding and mounting.

Attachment Solutions: Clamps and Brackets

S-5! clamps and brackets are extraordinarily versatile and allow you to attach almost anything to standing seam, exposed-fastened and corrugated metal roof profiles. Our clamps offer durability and reliability unequaled by adhesives that degrade over time with heat cycles, UV radiation and ozone. Each clamp style has been laboratory tested on a variety of seam types, profiles, and materials to determine ultimate tensile failure loads parallel and perpendicular to the panel seam. Competitors’ products don’t even come close!

Utility Solutions

The S-5! Utility System is the most versatile utility mounting solution for standing seam metal roofs. The Utility System enables easy attachment of almost any conceivable utility application, utilizing stainless steel round-point setscrews to ensure a non-penetrating attachment. The setscrews will slightly dimple the metal seam material without piercing it, leaving roof manufacturers' warranties intact. The S-5! Utility System has been tested for load-to-failure results on most major brands and profiles of standing seam roofing.