CorruBracket 500T PV™

CorruBracket 500T PV is your solar solution for corrugated roofing profiles common in metric profiling markets and is compatible with 16-22 mm tall and 76 mm crest to crest corrugated roofing profiles.

Attachment Flexibility

Affixed to the crest of the corrugation, CorruBracket 500T PV leaves the drainage plane free of holes to protect against leaks. This bracket can be attached directly to the sheeting, accommodating attachment anywhere along the corrugation making module layout and microinverter or optimizer attachment a snap.

EPDM = No mess waterproofing = Outlasts the life of the roof

With no messy onsite sealants to apply, CorruBracket 500T PV comes with a factory‐applied EPDM rubber gasket seal on the base for reliable weathertightness.

The S-5! patented “V” configuration of this part prevents over-compression of the ribs under load and the reservoir conceals the EPDM from exposure, preventing UV degradation.

CAD Drawings (Metric & Imperial)

CorruBracket-100T-PV Dimensions

Features and Benefits

  • Open channel for wire containment/management
  • Bracket allows glass to sit 100+ mm above valley of corrugation
  • Fix bracket into sheeting only – allowing module placement anywhere on roof
  • Slotted top hole offers over 25 mm of E-W adjustability
  • 6000 Series AL; 300 Series SS hardware
  • PVKIT™ 2.0 compatible
  • Factory-applied EPDM for no-mess waterproofing
  • EPDM reservoir for protection from harmful sunlight and to prevent over-compression of waterproofing
  • Fix solar inverters or optimizers

Example Applications

Corrugated Rail-less Roof Attachment
Corrugated Rail-less Solar Roof Attachment

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