S-5-N 1.5 Clamps

S-5-N 1.5 and S-5-N 1.5 Mini clamps were designed with S-5!® zero-penetration technology for application on the popular 1.5″ nail strip metal roof profiles and roofing types with similar profiles.

Example Profiles


IMPORTANT: The S-5-N 1.5 and S-5-N 1.5 Mini are designed to fit numerous (but dimensionally specific) 1.5″ nail strip profiles; however, these profiles are vast with new variations coming into the market regularly. These clamps may not be suitable for every such profile. To avoid potential damage to roof it is important to veriry clamp-to-roof suitability. Please contact support@S-5.com for assistance or to request a sample of the clamp for field verification.

S-5-N 1.5 & Mini Seam Profiles