S-5-V Clamps

The S-5-V clamp is a versatile clamp that fits vertical-folded seam profiles manufactured in North America—including most structural and architectural profiles.

S-5-V Clamp

The strength of the S-5-V clamp is in its simple design. The setscrews will slightly dimple the metal seam material but not pierce it—leaving the roof manufacturer’s warranty intact.

S-5-V Clamp

Installation is Easy

Installation is as simple as placing the clamp on the seam and tightening the round-point setscrew to the specified tension. Then, affix ancillary items using the bolt provided. Go to the tools page for information and tools available for properly attaching and tensioning S-5!® clamps. Thanks to our round-tip setscrews, S-5! clamps do not pierce metal roof paneling, thereby protecting roof coatings and weather tightness warranties.


Load Test Results

S-5-V Load Test Results


Contact your distributor for pricing and ordering.

Product packages in boxes of 30 and cases of 150.
Broken box quantities may incur additional charges.

Setscrews, flanged bolts and a screwgun bit tip are included in each box.