Introducing the new SolarFoot™ for exposed fastener metal roofing with the strength, testing, quality, and time-proven integrity you expect from S-5!.

The SolarFoot provides an ideal mounting platform to attach the L-Foot of a rail-mounted PV system to the roof. This solution is The Right Way to secure rail-mounted solar systems to exposed fastener metal such as AG-Panel or R-Panel.

CAD Drawings (Metric & Imperial)


S-5!® Warning! Please use these products responsibly! Visit our website or contact your S-5! distributor for available load test results. The user and/or installer of these parts is responsible for all necessary engineering and design to ensure the SolarFoot™ has been properly spaced and configured.


Notice to S-5! users: Due to the many variables involved with specific panel products, climates, wind loads, snow loads, and job particulars, the manufacturer cannot and does not express any opinions as to the suitability of any S-5! assembly for any specific application and assumes no liability with respect thereto. S-5! products are tested for ultimate holding strength on various profile types and materials. These install instructions serve to illustrate the correct procedure for securing the Solar Foot to a roof. Proper layout and frequency will vary on a job specific basis and should be determined by a qualified professional. This is an installation guide only and the photographs and drawings herein are for the purpose of illustrating installation, tools, and techniques, not system designs.

The SolarFoot is made for exposed-fastener metal roofing. It provides an ideal, weatherproof mounting platform to attach the L-foot of a rail mounted solar system or other ancillaries to the roof.


Tools Needed
• Electric Screw Gun
• Rag
• String Line
• Tape Measure
• 3/8” Hex Socket Drive
• 13 mm (or 1/2”) Hex Socket Drive


Placement Tip
The SolarFoot should be placed in the flat of the panel, between the ribs. It is designed to straddle striations or minor stiffening ribs when necessary. The SolarFoot must be mounted directly over and into the supporting structure of the roof, i.e. wood decking, wood or steel purlins, or trusses, NEVER into the metal roofing material alone.


Fastener Selection
Fastener selection will depend on whether the supporting structure of the roof is metal or wood.
When relying upon tested load values one of the below fasteners MUST be used.




To Install:
  1. Determine the location of the supporting structure of the roof. Wipe away excess oil and debris from the desired mounting location.
  2. Peel the release paper from the base, align, and apply to roof surface so that fasteners will engage the structure below.
  3. Install screws through the pre-punched holes in the Solar Foot into the structure below.
  4. Install the L-Foot over the stud and secure in place with the provided M8-1.25 hex flange nut tightened to 160 inch pounds (13 ft lbs).


 NOTE: Attachment frequency and spacing for PV arrays is the responsibility of the system designer. The makers of S-5! SolarFoot make no representations with respect to the variables involved in PV array design. Visit the S-5! website for load testing data.


***S-5!® Warning! Please use this product responsibly!***
These instructions are for use by those experienced in the trade. Always follow appropriate safety precautions and use appropriate tools.


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