Roof Snow Guards

S-5 ColorGard®

When it comes to roof snow guards, the Colorgard by S-5! is the only snow retention system good enough to be warranted for the life of the roof. Unlike other metal roof snow bars and snow slide prevention systems that yellow and fail over time, ColorGard’s unsurpassed holding strength controls snow migration with a perfect color-match that lasts the life of the roof. Colorgards provide all of the safety you need while not interrupting the look of your roof.

ColorGard® System Components

System Overview: ColorGard is manufactured from mill-finished, aircraft quality aluminum. It comes in 8-foot long sections, in punched or unpunched configurations. Splices are included with ColorGard for adjacent sections. For use with S-5!® heavy duty clamps, VersaBracket™ and CorruBracket™.

Punched Crossmember: Punched ColorGard is slotted every 4” (10.2 cm) on center for seams that are spaced accordingly, i.e. divisible by 4” (10.2cm). The slotted configuration works well with S-5! clamps.


Unpunched Crossmember: Unpunched ColorGard is the most versatile and easy to install, when used with the S-5!® VersaClip™. Unpunched does not need holes, as the VersaClip accommodates any seam spacing. The unpunched configuration works well with VersaBracket. Unpunched is the right choice when the roof is laid out with untrue seam width or when the seam width is not divisible by 4. If in doubt, use unpunched.


Splice: Included with crossmembers, use the splice to join two pieces of ColorGard together, ensuring continuous, unbroken protection. The dimple in the center is designed to provide a gap, allowing for expansion and contraction of the ColorGard sections.


VersaClip: Available for purchase separately, VersaClip makes installation easy, as it simply slides on the ColorGard crossmember. It can be used with all S-5! clamps (one per clamp), and is optional with CorruBracket. VersaClip is not needed with VersaBracket. VersaClip is also handy when installing ColorGard askew, such as is required in the valleys between intersecting rooflines.


SnoClip: SnoClip™ is added to retard the migration of snow and ice beneath the crossmembers. Click here for detailed information on the SnoClip.


SnapClip™: SnapClip is a retrofitted component added to retard the migration of snow and ice beneath the crossmembers. Click here for detailed information on the SnapClip.


Color Strip: Not included, the color strip should be requested in 2” wide strips from the manufacturer of the roofing material in order to ensure a perfect color match for the life of the system.


For Use With Most S-5! Attachment Products


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To help you and your distributor design a ColorGard system for your purposes, check out our Web-based calculator.

Note: Do not use ColorGard with attachment spacing greater than 32” (81.3 cm). Custom ColorGard, Splice and SnoClips are available for seam spacing greater than 32” (81.3 cm). Please inquire through a distributor.