SnoFence™ Metal Roof Snow Guard Rail

The SnoFence Metal Roof Snow Guard Rail is offered in aluminum or brass, our snow dams for metal roofs are designed to manage snow migration on standing seam metal roofing. Their clean lines, cylindrical shapes and high-tech appearance make these metal roof snow guards the favorite choice of roof designers and architects.  This is a great snow retention option to manage risks from heavy accumulation. S-5 carries a variety of metal roof snow guards and snow stops for you to choose from and we work closely with a distributor near you.

SnoFence Frequently Asked Questions

When should a stainless steel SnoRod™ be used rather than aluminum?
The stainless steel SnoRod is more durable than aluminum, and suggested for projects where greater durability is needed, or when the stainless finish is desired for aesthetic reasons.

When should SnoFence be used rather than SnoRail™?
SnoFence is somewhat stronger than SnoRail. Use it for increased durability or when the aesthetic look of two rails are desired.

When should SnoClips™ be used and how many are needed?
SnoClips will stop or retard the passage of snow and ice beneath the SnoRod. If other flashing elements (e.g., eave guttering accomplishes this purpose) are utilized, then it may not be necessary. Therefore, its use is somewhat discretionary, depending upon the eave details and project specifics. We recommend it in most cases.

IMPORTANT NOTICE: SnoClip design has changed. SnoClip must now slide on from the end of the ColorGard® crossmember. Be sure to slide SnoClip onto assembly before attaching crossmember to clamps.