X-Gard™ 2.0

Tests have proven the X-Gard™ 2.0, with the amazingly strong NEX® 2.0 pipe, to be the strongest pipe-system on the market used for snow retention for metal roofs. It is our two-pipe system spanning up to 48″ seams. S-5 carries an extensive selection of snow guard systems. Once you find the equipment you need we work with trusted distributors in your area to get it to you quickly and efficiently.

X-Gard 2.0 Installation

Snap the X-Clip onto your X-Gard NEX® 2.0 Pipe after installation. One or two clips are used between seams. Mount the X-Clip to the back of the pipe. When applying downward pressure on the part, the “toe” should engage the surface of the panel just before the “heel.” Screw X-Clip into place utilizing the provided stainless steel self-drilling screw.


X-Clip retards the migration of snow and ice when used on X-Gard snow retention systems.

Note: X-Clip should not be used on copper roofs.