Fall Protection Utility Solutions

Standing seam and corrugated metal roofs present a unique challenge to workers installing ancillary items, making rooftop repairs, cleaning gutters and more. To ensure worker safety, it is imperative that fall protection system anchor points can do the job.

Fall Protection Utility Attachment SolutionsS-5!® clamps are used by the world’s leading fall arrest system providers. They know that every S-5! clamp style has been laboratory tested on a variety of seam types, profiles and materials to determine ultimate tensile failure loads parallel and perpendicular to the panel seam. And they appreciate the fact that S-5!’s , non-penetrating round-point setscrews will leave roof manufacturers’ warranties intact. Versatility, simple design, strength and ample size make S-5! clamps the perfect complement for fall protection utility solutions.

Fall Arrest Systems Distributors