Roof-mounted utilities, such as split system condensing units, duct supports, communication equipment and service walkways can support a building envelope or compromise it. The S-5! GRIPPERFIX system, with S-5! clamps and roofing brackets are The Right Way® to mount Rooftop AC Units, HVAC Units and more to any metal roof using our lifetime “double-seal” performance – or no roof penetration at all. GRIPPERFIX is quick & simple to install, preserves warranties and lasts the as long as the roof itself.

Don’t leave it to chance: Fix it, so it never needs “fixing.” S-5! affordable roofing brackets are available in Australia and ensure roof integrity preserved from corrosion, leaks, rust, or algae. Done once- the right way – It’s ripper!

Components (click on image to enlarge)


S-5- Tab Conceal Fix (CF)

Damper Pad (sold separately)

M8- 1.25 x 40 mm Bolt (sold separately)
M8- Hex Flange Nut (sold separately)

Concealed-Fix Roof SystemUse this detail for profiles such as KLIP-LOK®, Speed Deck Ultra®

The rail, S-5! clamp, and concealed-fix tabs are all that are needed. Just slide tab into the strut and fix to the top of the clamp (bolts provided). This system is suitable for KLIP-LOC® and Speed Deck Ultra® profiles. The most commonly used S-5! clamp for these profiles is the S-5-K Grip. Pads for vibration reduction/leveling and other mounting hardware are also available.

  • Does not damage the roof system
  • No holes- penetration-free attachment
  • Free flow of rainwater under the system- no capillary entrapment
  • Load distribution over minimum of 8 bearing points (panel ribs)