“After replacing thousands of failed snow guards, I said ‘Never again!’ Now, every project we do, we use S-5!®”
–Andy Anderson, CEO, Interstate Panel

Andy Anderson Knows Metal Roofing. And He Knows Snow Retention, Too!

Having been in the metal roofing industry some 25 years, Andy’s arguably installed more snow guards than Mrs. Fields has baked chocolate chip cookies. One of the most ardent fans of S-5!, Andy is absolute in his resolve when he says:

“Every single project we do, we use S-5!”

“Like a lot of folks, in the old days we used to use the plastic glue-on snow guards because we didn’t really know there was an alternative. But after installing ten thousand snow guards on the New Jersey National Bank, and then having to REINSTALL thousands more when they failed, I said ‘I’m never going to do this again.'”

Unattractive plastic glue-on snow guards

Failed plastic glue-on snow guards

Fortunately for Andy, he met Rob Haddock of S-5! who completely understood Andy’s plight, as he’d been there himself—which is precisely why he invented the non-penetrating standing seam clamp. Andy was fascinated with Rob’s deep understanding of metal roofing, metallurgy and the challenges of attaching things securely without damaging the roof. And, he was thrilled to discover that S-5! had a snow retention solution, ColorGard®, that would allow him to forever say goodbye to glue-on snow guards.

Interstate project featuring S-5! ColorGard

“As a result of the abject failure of other snow guards, we were determined to find a better way—the right way!” said Andy. “And S-5! was precisely the answer we were looking for. S-5!’s mechanically-attached snow guards were light years ahead of the other solutions out there. Now after 20 years of installing miles and miles of properly engineered snow guard systems by S-5!, we’ve experienced exactly zero failures!”

But for Andy, it’s not just that he’s saved a ton of money, embarrassment, reputation and goodwill by using S-5!, it’s also about the appearance. “The truth is, S-5!’s snow retention systems look great! That highly-reflective, constantly discoloring plastic stuff looks horrible on day one… and it looks a lot worse with half of them missing.”

“Honestly, you can name the snow retention system—mechanically-attached or glue-on—and through the years we’ve probably tried it… or more likely been forced to try it. But the truth is, S‑5! is the only system with which we have experienced absolutely NO FAILURES. So with every single project we do, we use S-5!”