ColorGard® Adds Strength Without Compromising Aesthetics

When the historic Playland Ice Casino in Rye, NY was hit by hurricane Sandy, the already diminished building was profoundly damaged. Fortunately, with direction and support from the Historical Society, funds from FEMA and county resources were pooled to help restore the facility to historical status.

“Everything came out stunning.”

Long-since converted to shingles, historic black and white photos of the building revealed that the original roof had been metal—so a standing seam metal roof was decided upon as a replacement, knowing that it would stand up to the tough weather and tests of time. When a painted post card showing the building in the background was found in the archives, they discovered that the original metal roof had been copper with a beautiful green patina. So the restoration team quickly resolved to replace the roof with a similar coastally painted Natural Patina green color panel which was roll-formed custom curved onsite by the manufacturer, The Garland Company.

background1Milcon Construction Corporation’s President Scott Miller (left), and Project Operations Manager Frank Petoello (right)

The contractor, Milcon Construction Corporation, chose the industry leading ColorGard snow retention system by S-5! to match, which not only protects against snow avalanches, but also serves to reinforce and strengthen the roof against high winds. Using perfect-fit S-5-T clamps, the system will remain intact for the entire life of the roof without piercing or causing damage to the metal panels. According to Frank Petoello, who managed the project for Milcon:

“After testing several options, S-5! was deemed the best.”

Milcon Construction Corporation project featuring S-5! ColorGard

In fact, Petoello was so impressed with S-5! and so confident with the holding strength of the S-5-T that it was also used to secure both the fall protection system and the entire catwalk.

Strength, price and ease of installation are all reasons roofers and architects choose S-5! But S-5! is also known for its great aesthetics. ColorGard, with its perfect color match, enhanced the overall appearance of the project and led Milcon president Scott Miller to conclude, “Everything came out stunning.”

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