“I’ve been in the contracting industry for 25 years and push your product every chance I get, we never get callbacks.”
–Guido Morandin, General Manager, Work Monster, Inc.

Failure After Failure…Work Monster, Inc. Needed a Real Solution

In Timmins, Northern Ontario, they know a thing or two about heavy snow. With an average annual snowfall of over 10 feet, the residents of Timmins need reliable snow guard systems. Conventional ice rakes [sheet metal snow stops] are a common sight on houses and buildings in Northern Ontario, but don’t hold up to the harsh winters the area experiences. These forms of snow retention often simply bend, fold and collapse – crushing and damaging the roof.

Heavy Wet Snow Loads

Guido Morandin of Work Monster, Inc. has been in the contracting industry for over 25 years. He is well aware of the old adage, that “You get what you pay for”. But years of installing ineffective snow guard systems left Morandin disillusioned.

“We were tired of supplying customers with an improper ice rake, ice guard, ice stop system”. With failure after failure, we needed a change. And then we found the S-5! system”.

Morandin is now officially an S-5! convert. He has installed ColorGard® on a number of buildings since discovering S-5! in 2016 and shared the success of one particular project. The project utilized a Vic West Ultra Roof System and one Ideal Roof System. The Work Monster team were the General Contractors and short of the electrical and HVAC, they installed everything on the residence.

The conventional ice rakes (sheet metal snow stops) used in the area often bend, fold and collapse. 

Enter S-5!

The exposed-fastened Vic West SuperVic profile called for a reliable attachment solution that would support heavy-duty applications like snow retention. Work Monster selected the VersaBracket™ for the job. To complete the desired aesthetics, ColorGard® was chosen. According to Morandin, it was the only system to choose, if real dependable service was desired.

“S-5 is a true ice break, snow guard retention system. This 100% aluminum product with butyl-fastening bases and load-tested brackets can’t be beat for the north! Period!”


With S-5! Snow Retention System - ColorGard® and VersaGard™ in Northern Ontario-min

Anyone with Half a Brain Can Do the Math

Work Monster praised ease of installation as well. “Install was as easy as snapping a chalk line and following it. All that is needed is to perform some minor layout with installing the [SnoClips]. Anyone with half a brain can do the math and pre-position system components prior to the roof installation.”

The Proof Lies in the Snow (Still Up on the Roof)

“This year’s winter season in the Timmins area, we witnessed a massive ice retention collapse. They would literally fold under the wet snow on the roof in March. None, I mean None of our S-5 failed, especially with the [SnoClips]. They held all day long, night after night and let the snow dissipate underneath them.”

Because it’s the Best

When asked why Work Monster chooses to continue to install S-5 products, Morandin had this to say: “Because it’s the best. In my field, you truly get what you pay for. This still stands true with S-5 in my 25 years of construction experience.”



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