Read about how the DIY Direct-Attach™ installation method of solar panels contributed to a net zero electric bill.


“We recently installed a solar array on our home in Sarasota, Florida using S-5! clamps and the PVKIT™, and I wanted to tell you how easy it was to do, owing in large part to your products.


The do-it-yourself construction method using your direct-attach S-5-Achim-Ginsberg-Klemmt-Testimonial-Net-Zero-Energy-Bill-2solution on our standing seam metal roof, combined with the help of a licensed electrician resulted in significant cost savings and a code-compliant system that will allow us to pay back our financial investment in only 4-5 years.


Ordering components over the internet was hassle-free and helped to further minimize expenses.


Having a standing seam metal roof turned out to be a complete blessing. And we know the roof will outlast the solar array. Our solar system installation was a family event over the weekend, taking turns lugging the Renesola panels up the ladder. Any DIY should have no trouble installing the S-5! mounting components. We easily installed the panels ourselves with a simple Allen wrench tool without having to deal with nasty roof penetrations required by other roof-mounting methods.

S-5-Achim-Ginsberg-Klemmt-Testimonial-Quote-on-Installation-Sarasota -Florida


Thanks S-5! – for helping us get it done The Right Way!”

– Achim Ginsberg-Klemmt



From S-5! CEO, Rob Haddock —

“Vielen Dank auch an dich, Achim – und andere mögen dich auch! Big brands like Costco and FedEx use S-5! because we have the technical know-how, track-record and documentation to prove what we say. Homeowners alike use S-5! because we are reputable, made in the USA and so affordable!”


Ed. Note:S-5-Achim-Ginsberg-Klemmt-Testimonial-Net-Zero-Energy-Bill-Sarasota-Florida

Achim and family became solar activists pursuant to their recent experience, filing a petition with the Florida Public Service Commission, demanding improvements to Florida’s rules and regulations, stating: We are convinced that breaking today’s electric power monopolies would bring the needed social and ecological progress of our times.


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