The Solar Revolution has been utilizing the S-5! PVKIT solution since it first hit the market. Hands down, it is the best solar mounting solution for metal roofing of any description. At first, we were a little worried about wire management and installing in landscape, but those worries were overcome with our first installation. It’s a piece of cake.

Our projects using the PVKIT yield the fastest installation times, lowest material cost and best aesthetics bar none. We’ve taken a close look at all the competitors’ knock-offs, and they do not compare in quality or even in cost. S-5! has been creating innovative solutions for metal roofs far longer than anyone else, and their expertise is unmatched. We just won’t use anything else on a metal roof. These guys are awesome, and I’ve enjoyed working with their staff on various projects. They tell it like it is and have always treated us like part of the S-5! family.

– Doug Claxton, Principal & Founder, The Solar Revolution, Colorado