“Fast and easy to install with absolutely no penetrations! The website information was extremely helpful.”
–Neil Parker, President, TN Parker Construction

Signage Project Demonstrates Versatility of S-5!® Clamps

When Neil Parker, President of TN Parker Construction–as the general contractor for a commercial renovation project at the Flintridge Plaza in Colorado Springs–was asked to elevate tenant signs on the mall’s new roof, an associate recommended S-5!

“We were delighted with the ease of installation.”

The owner of the building was adamant that Neil should avoid anything that would void the manufacturer’s warranty, which of course meant that he needed to avoid putting any holes in the attractive standing seam roofing material.

TN Parker Construction project featuring S-5! clamps

With signs of varying sizes, some that spanned 32 feet, the S-5! clamps allowed for a strong, versatile, easy and cost-effective way of securing the signs. Neil was delighted with the ease of installation, and how he was able to install all of the signs without damaging the protective coating of the roof panels.

“I was totally impressed with the amount of information available on the S-5! website.”

“Bill Hauschildt, with Central States Roofing, had successfully used S-5! on a solar project and strongly recommended their clamps. But because we had never used their clamps before, I wasn’t sure exactly what we needed,” Neil reported. “I was totally impressed with the huge amount of information related to load values, clamp options and installation instructions that were available on the S-5! website. Our engineer was able to get onto the website and select the appropriate clamp for our roof profile, and find the supporting data we needed to give us the confidence that the clamps would hold up to the gusty winds of Colorado Springs.”

TN Parker Construction project featuring S-5! Clamps

Neil was also impressed with the strength and ease of installation of the clamps, saying, “With a little bit of planning, the installation went extremely well. The truth is, any good commercial carpenter can use S-5!’s products because they are so easy to install. And the best news is that we’ve not had any call-backs on this project!”

S-5! clamps are known worldwide for their application in snow retention and solar panel attachment, but as Neil’s project demonstrates, S-5! clamps and brackets are also perfect for securing signs, banners, light fixtures, gas piping, antennas, roof walkways, HVAC equipment, lightning protection systems, condensate lines, stack/flue bracing, fascias, equipment screens, electrical conduit, antennas, cabling and more.

“We were glad to have used S-5! on this project. It worked great. We will certainly be using S-5! again the next time we need to attach anything to a metal roof!”