Case Studies It’s no wonder why S-5!® has earned a reputation as the industry leader in metal roof attachment solutions. With over 1.9 million S-5! installations worldwide, here are just a few of our success stories.

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S-5! Snow System Case Studies

Extreme Snow Loads and Pitch No Match for ColorGard

  • Residential Cabin in Sierra Nevada Mountains
  • Roof is a 12/12 pitch
  • Location has a snow load of 150 to 200 lbs/sq. ft.
  • Used S-5! ColorGard
Shaver Lake Case Study

ColorGard Provides Solution for Snow Related Gutter Damage

  • High school in Cascade, Idaho sustaining gutter damage from heavy snow accumulation
  • New S-5! ColorGard snow retention system: 2,016 parts
  • Previous plastic snow guard system: 10,000 parts
Cascade Case Study

ColorGard Protects Walmart Patrons from 80" of Snowfall

  • Walmart store in Conway, NH
  • Used S-5! ColorGard
Walmart Case Study

Elementary School Reduces Risk of Snow Sliding Off Roof onto Children Playing Below With S-5! Snow Guards

  • Installed snow guards provided safety measures to both school children and school property
  • Eliminated the risk of a voided roof manufacturer warranty―no holes/no damage
  • Reduced the amount of product and cost required due to S-5! engineered system capacity
  • Provided the aesthetic solution the architect wanted
Latrobe Snow Guards Case Study

S-5! Solar System Case Studies

Nevada School Saves $18K Annually Using S-5-PVKIT

  • 288 solar panels
  • 70 kWp
  • S-5-U Mini
  • 864 S-5! clamps
  • $3.58 per clamp
  • 864 S-5-PV kits
  • $4.97 per kit
Lovelock Case Study

Storage Company in Puerto Rico Spent $.07 Per Watt

  • 169 kWp
  • S-5-E Mini
  • 1,670 S-5! clamps
  • $2.75 per clamp
  • 1,670 S-5-PV kits
  • $4.72 per kit
  • 768 solar panels
Puerto Rico Case Study

Canadian Arena Saves $150K Using S-5!

  • 2,212 solar panels
  • 508.76 kW
  • 6,000 S-5-U and S-5-PVKITs
  • $150,000 in savings
  • Panels will offset roughly 35% of the power
Tecumseh Case Study

Using S-5-PVKIT, Vineyard Saves ≈ 14% of System Cost

  • 4,032 solar panels
  • S-5-PVKITs
  • Array is 55,000 square feet
Sonoma Case Study

S-5-Z Mini Clamps Provide Strong Solution for Phoenix Airport

  • 12,500 solar panels
  • 5.4 MW
  • S-5-Z Mini
  • Will result in $4.7 million in operational cost savings
Sky Harbor Case Study

S-5! Assists in the Largest Single Rooftop PV Install in North America

  • 90,000 S-5-E Mini clamps were used in the installation
  • Project size = 5.38 MW
  • Savings of $366,000 per year in energy costs
Toys”R”Us Case Study

S-5! Partners with Roof Manufacturer, PV Integrator in Africa

  • 10 kWp off-grid/hybrid system
  • Safintra Saflok 700 roof panels
  • 44 x 260w Trina Honey Modules
  • 165 UL/ETL Listed S-5-PVKITs
  • 165 S-5-K Grip Mini w/ GXM 50 Inserts
Mkweni Case Study

S-5-PVKIT the Perfect Retrofit Solution for NY Golf Course

  • Array Total = 37.44 kW
  • Annual AC Production = 36,262 kWh
  • Atas Dutch Seam 15″ 24 guage standing seam metal roof
  • 144 Helios Solar Works modules
  • 800 UL/ETL Listed S-5-PVKITs
  • 800 S-5-S Mini Attachment Clamps
  • 250 S-5-PVKIT EdgeGrab™ components
Orchard Park Case Study

S-5! Clamps Holding Tight At Gemini Observatory, Hawaii

  • 300 solar panels mounted via S-5! clamps to a standing seam 22-guage metal roof.
  • Providing stability in up to 163 mph winds.
Gemini Observatory Case Study

S-5! Secures Solar Array of 241 Panels on Hawaiian Project

  • Projected to produce 124.9MWh.
  • The solar system was made up of 241 340W P17 modules from SunPower of San Jose, Calif.
  • Used S-5-U Mini Clamps with DualRack Standard Rail.
Honolulu Case Study