Easily Attach Any Rail Manufacturer’s L-Foot Onto Your Exposed-Fastener Metal Roof.

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Looking to Mount Solar Using Rails on Exposed-Fastener Metal Roofs?

The S-5! SolarFoot is a simple, cost-effective pedestal for L-Foot attachment of rail-mounted solar PV. The bracket can be used to mount any L-foot to exposed-fastened metal roofs, such as AG-panel or R-Panel.

Designed to straddle minor striations in your roof panel for attachment into decking or structure, SolarFoot can be fastened into a variety of substrates, including the wood deck, wood timber purlins or steel purlins.

SolarFoot Benefits:

  • Designed for exposed-fastened metal roof solar mounting attached via L-Foot and rails
  • Compatible with all rail manufacturer’s L-Foot components
  • Attaches directly to structure or deck for optimal holding strength
  • Proper sealant selection never left to chance; no messy or risky field application of sealant
  • Low center of gravity reduces moment arm commonly associated with L-Foot/rail solar racking 
  • Stainless integrated stud and serrated, hex-flange nut secure the L-Foot into position


Minor Box: $3.37 Qty: 50

Master Box: $3.20 Qty: 150

*Pricing above is in USD. Prices vary based on region and other factors. Pricing improves with order quantity. Broken boxes may be subject to handling charges. Call your Authorized S-5! Distributor for current pricing.

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SolarFoot Works With the Following Seam Profiles:

SolarFoot is compatible with almost any trapezoidal rib, exposed-fastened profile.



SolarFoot Product Specifications:

  • Compatible with all L-Foot products 
  • Secure rail-mounted systems to trapezoidal roof profiles 
  • Integrated reservoir prevents over-compressing seal 
  • Utilizes either two or four fasteners (sold separately), depending on need
  • Must attach through the roof into either deck or structure using S-5! tested fasteners to achieve published holding strength
  • Integral M8 stud and hex-flange nut included 
  • Be sure to see many other features on the solar racking overview page

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