Architects Trust S-5!® to Protect Metal Roof Design

Increasingly, architects are developing preferential appreciation of the aesthetic beauty and long-lasting benefits of metal roofing. The attachment of metal rooftop ancillary items such as HVAC, snow retention (also known as snow guards), solar arrays and roof walkways had always been difficult, often causing leaks and maintenance problems—until S-5!

S-5! develops sophisticated products that allow almost anything to be attached to metal roofs easily, elegantly, cost effectively and permanently. The extensive line of non-penetrating clamps utilize attachment technology to preserve the long life expectancy and beauty of metal roofing.

Installed on over 1.9 million metal roofs worldwide, S-5! has been established as the global authority of ancillary attachment solutions for metal roofs.

We have constructed Architect Central as a portal to allow architects easy access to downloads and important information about our unique line of clamps, attachment brackets, snow retention systems and solar attachment solutions.

Architectural Submittal Sheets

S-5!® Snow Retention Systems
S-5!® Solar Systems
S-5!® Utility System

Product and Resource Finder

This tool will collect some basic information about the project and roof. It will analyze the roof profile and list the S-5! products compatible with the roof. It will also provide you with downloadable files pertaining to the project and the compatible products.

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