S-5!® Has the Best Warranty in the Industry

Only S-5! offers a comprehensive LIMITED LIFETIME WARRANTY on all of its products. No one else in the industry even comes close! While others may offer a 1-year, 2-year or maybe a 5-year warranty, they are very limited in their coverage. So, whatever project or conditions you have, read the warranty carefully, and don’t leave performance to chance. Be confident knowing that S-5! guarantees all our products with an industry-leading warranty. That’s doing business The Right Way!

S-5! Manufacturer Warranty

S-5!® ColorGard® Snow Retention System Limited Lifetime Warranty

Virtually every snow retention company boasts about product superiority. But it’s increasingly difficult to distinguish fact from confusing sales hype and empty claims. Only ColorGard from S-5! offers a snow retention system warranted FOR THE LIFE OF THE ROOF—OR 30 YEARS! That’s not an empty claim—it’s a total, written assurance of system performance that no other manufacturer can match. To learn how to obtain your ColorGard System Limited Lifetime Warranty and for complete Terms and Conditions of the program, go to our Calculator tab.

S-5! ColorGard Limited Lifetime Warranty