Metal Roof Snow Guards and Snow Stops

Metal roof snow guards and snow stops are essential when snow accumulations begin to melt. Without some sort of metal roof snow guards,  the result can be catastrophic as the blanket of snow avalanches off the roof dumping tons of snow onto anything in its path. It can damage landscape, gutters, adjacent roofs, vehicles and cause injury or death to passers-by.

Once the snow has moved off the roof it can still continue to cause additional troubles like repeated snow removal; direct damage to building walls; indirect damage caused by funneling melt water into, rather than away from the walls and foundations, and more. Using metal roof snow guards retains the snow and allows it to leave the roof slowly in small amounts or as melted water preventing an avalanche

What are the benefits of using S-5! Roof Snow Guards?

All of S-5!’s snow guard retention systems dramatically reduce these risks associated with rooftop avalanches while maintaining the clean lines of the roof.  With multiple options to choose from, you can browse our selection of metal roof snow stops to see which product will work the best for your metal roof. We can also help connect you with a distributor in your area to buy S-5! Roof Snow Guards & other metal roof attachments.

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ColorGard is the only snow retention system good enough to be warranted for the life of the roof. Unlike other snow guards that yellow and fail over time, ColorGard’s unsurpassed holding strength controls snow migration with a perfect color-match that lasts the life of the roof.

X-Gard™ 1.0

X-Gard 1.0 is our one-pipe system spanning up to 48″ seams. X-Gard can be painted, powder coated, or anodized and is designed to preserve the coveted aesthetics of any metal roof.

X-Gard™ 2.0

X-Gard 2.0 is our two-pipe system spanning up to 48″ seams. Like our one-pipe system, X-Gard has greater holding strength, better aesthetics, and longer service life than any other engineered pipe system on the market.


S-5!’s snow fences feature clean lines, cylindrical shapes and a high-tech look that make them a favorite choice of architects and roof designers. Our SnoRail utilizes one Sno-Rod™ positioned just above the panel seams for maximum strength and minimal clutter.


S-5!’s SnoFence uses a SnoPost™ to accommodate a second SnoRod™ two inches above the first. Both SnoRail and SnoFence systems are available in brass for use on copper batten or standing seam roofs and in aluminum for other standing seam roofing materials.


DualGard™ is the most versatile and reliable 1-inch, two-pipe snow retention system on the market for all standing seam roof applications. DualGard utilizes two patented S-5! mini clamps for extra strength versus other two-pipe systems. All DualGard components can be used with VersaGard™ and VersaGard™ V, offering a complete snow retention system for exposed fasten roofs.


VersaGard is compatible with almost any trapezoidal, exposed-fastened profile. No messy sealants to apply! No chance for leaks! VersaGard comes with factory-applied butyl sealant already in the base, and the S-5! patented reservoir conceals the sealant from UV exposure, preventing drying and cracks.

Continuing Education

There are many myths and misconceptions surrounding rooftop snow effects, migration and management. Metal Roof Innovations sponsors a free online class that separates fact from fiction in these subject areas. You will learn both the art and the science of avalanche protection for standing metal roof seams. Learn more