Torque Controlled Shut-Off Standing Seam Panasonic Metal Roofing Tools

Panasonic’s torque-indicating impact roofing tools for metal roofs are designed to ensure S-5!’s recommended setscrew torque values are consistently achieved. Installers just set the impact tool to the desired torque value and hold the trigger. Radio transmitters indicate torque status and the standing seam metal roof tool will automatically stop once the specified torque value is reached. Once the tool is calibrated, you’ll be able to achieve specified torque values for the duration of the project—saving time and ensuring a quality installation.

For more information about S-5! Panasonic Impact Guns or to talk to one of our engineers to determine which impact gun is right for your job, please contact S-5! at 888-825-3432.

Tool Tips

Attachment Hardware Installation
standing seam metal roofing toolsMost industrial grade screwguns are rated at 115 inch-pounds tightening torque and deliver between 115 and 150 inch-pounds (13-17Nm) at the highest torque setting. (Please see the entry for “Ultimate” on our load table to determine the proper screw tensions. The table may also give cautionary notes for your projects’ panel seams.)

Some horizontal seams may require hand crimping at the clamp location. Consult your S-5! distributor for any standing seam metal roof tool information.

Attachment requires a 3/16″ Allen-wrench attachment tip for a 1/4″ drive screwgun, These screwgun tips are available from your S-5! distributor.

On low seam profiles, a 4″ bit extension facilitates this work.

roofing tools for metal roofsDetermine how to position the clamp and which side of the clamp to load the setscrews into. When attaching clamps to machine-folded seams (regardless of panel profile and geometry), the S-5-U clamp is designed to engage the seam as shown. For horizontal seam applications, the setscrews must be accessible from the top for tightening. On many snap-together type seams, the setscrews are opposite the open (or overlap) side of the seam. On some seams, this aspect of clamp orientation is not critical.


Note: The S-5-U has four setscrew locations to make the clamp more versatile. Only two setscrews are used per clamp.

Note: Some horizontal seams may required additional hand crimping at the clamp location. Consult your S-5! distributor for tool information.

Assemble both setscrews on the same side of the clamp.

Take care that:
The bolt hole is in the desired (upslope or downslope) orientation.
The setscrews are on the correct side of the seam.
Position the clamps appropriately on the panel seam.

Using a 3/16″ Allen-wrench attachment tip (on a 1/4″ drive screwgun), tighten and retighten setscrews as the seam material compresses.

Battery-operated guns may not deliver consistent screw tension.
Drywall guns may not deliver adequate tension.

If you’re in need of Panasonic impact tools for your metal roof, contact S-5! today or take a look at our distributor page to purchase directly from one of their websites!