Roof-mounted utilities, such as split system condensing units, duct supports, communication equipment and service walkways can support a building envelope or compromise it. The S-5! GRIPPERFIX system, with S-5! clamps and roofing brackets are The Right Way® to mount Rooftop AC Units, HVAC Units and more to any metal roof using our lifetime “double-seal” performance – or no roof penetration at all. GRIPPERFIX is quick & simple to install, preserves warranties and lasts the as long as the roof itself.

Don’t leave it to chance: Fix it, so it never needs “fixing.” We offer affordable S-5! roofing brackets in Australia. and ensure roof integrity preserved from corrosion, leaks, rust, or algae. Done once- the right way – It’s ripper!

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Rust, corrosion and algae create problems on your metal roof


Install HVAC The Right Way® using S-5! Roofing Brackets!

Roofing Brackets Australia
Rooftop AC Unit

Features and Benefits

  • No penetration of concealed-fix roof
  • Factory double-seal for pierce-fix roof
  • No field-applied sealants needed
  • Eliminates corrosion, rust, algae
  • All aluminum & stainless
  • AND- lower cost than the wrong way when using S-5! roofing brackets!