Maintain roof warranties, avoid destructive corrosion and build a system to last the life of the roof, with the S-5!® GRIPPERFIX System.

Stop mounting rooftop ancillary items using concrete blocks for ballast. GRIPPERFIX ensures a secure and dependable attachment solution – with no penetration of standing seam roof required. Our system is quick and simple to install and helps preserve the integrity of your metal roof.

Our universal GRIPPERFIX System makes mounting almost anything on standing seam and exposed fastener roof profiles a cinch!

Install HVAC The Right Way®

Improperly installing utilities on a metal roof can compromise both the equipment as well as the integrity of the roof itself. Long-term solutions demand long-term and durable attachment methods. GRIPPERFIX is a perfect fix for installing HVAC, satellite dishes, light fixtures, conduit, service walkways and other rooftop utilities.

Securely attach to an exposed-fastened roof while still allowing free flow of rainwater under the system. All you need is the GRIPPERFIX Strut, self-piercing fastener, and EF Tabs. Slide the tabs into the strut, and then fasten to the roof ribs. The result: an affordable, secure, rust-free, and long-lasting metal rooftop mount.


Components (click on image to enlarge)

Gripperfix Strut

NOTE: In order to customize your solution, all components are sold separately.