Walkways Utility Solutions

Rooftop walkway systems protect workers and prevent metal rooftop damage caused by foot traffic during the installation of ancillary items and routine maintenance. Although walkway designs and construction materials vary depending on the application, the critical component of any walkway system is how is it attached to the standing seam panels.

Walkways Utility Attachment SolutionsWith S-5!® clamps, just about any walkway can be securely and permanently attached to virtually any metal roof standing seam profile. And, S-5! offers the only setscrew-based attachment system on the market that puts neither the roof nor roof warranties in jeopardy! We also use the highest quality (18-8) stainless steel alloys for all S-5! hardware, and include auxiliary stainless mounting bolts and washers with each clamp to assure longevity and metallurgic compatibility.

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